30 Point Spring
Tune-up for $139 only

This is the best time to make sure that your cooling system is running properly.

Cleaning, maintenance and fixing any small problems now means that your A/C system is working better before the hot summer weather. Better? It means it uses less energy, works more efficiently and saves money.

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What is a 30+ Point Tune-Up?

When you make an appointment with our AirPro Experts, we use a 30+Point Check Up to make sure that every part of your A/C is working properly. Some of the systems we service are listed below.

Install / Clean Filters

Dirty filters cut down on your A/C units efficiency. Having the filters cleaned and changed will keep your house cool before the summer heat!

Check Proper Temps & Record

AirPro Experts will check the thermostat, batteries and airflow in the home.

Clean Condenser

Because of improper airflow a dirty condenser may not cool the refrigerant as quickly as it should. It surely leads to a/s inefficiency

Drain Pans

Flushing drain pans can prevent water from backing up and causing damage to floors and walls.

Fan Blades

Bent fan blades make vibrations and restrict airflow, which makes the unit motor work improperly.


Low refrigerant can damage the a/c compressor or even cause it burn out which makes it much more costly.

Wait, there’s more…


Air Filter


Drain Pan

Air Flow Temp

Code Compliance

Duct Inspection

Blower Motor

Refrigerant Lines

Safety Controls



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